Neck pain - Lasting help

Photo of clouds shows how Dr. John Sarno's research and insights have had a lasting impact on treating severe neck pain.

‘I had severe muscle spasms in my neck and literally couldn’t hold my head up and had to use a soft cervical collar.

‘I began to have problems just talking to doctors about my problems and going to a new doctor was agony. I was able to find some help with the use of medication and acupuncture, but not lasting help.

‘Lasting help came from reading Dr. John Sarno’s “Healing Back Pain” when I was in my late thirties. During the time I was reading this I was able to stop physical therapy, stop medication and start to take control of what was happening to me.

‘It was a great rush of joy to discover that someone out there understood and could communicate this understanding. There are many of us out here who have been helped to heal using Dr. Sarno’s insights.

‘It’s truly inspiring to learn about everyone and to realize that I was never alone in all of this.

‘I still have my problems but I feel I also have the ability to work them through when I apply what I learned.

‘There is always some aspect of any problem, physical or otherwise, that responds to Dr. Sarno’s findings.’