Fibromyalgia Pain - Pain and symptom-free

Photo of clouds depicts the relief from fibromyalgia pain through mind-body treatments developed by Dr. John Sarno.

‘Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and some kind of autoimmune disease were all suspected.

‘I had adrenal issues, very high Epstein Barr numbers, and a whole host of other mysterious issues such as food allergies, high levels of toxicities, and prone to infection.

‘These issues affected my life for 30 years in a big way, causing me to live a shrinking life, that consisted of me saying no to life more than yes out of fear of a flair-up, making the pain worse, or getting injured.

‘I stopped playing the piano, stopped playing soccer, and at one point, stopped most physical activity. I was on Tramadol for 10+ years; Tramadol was the only thing that would put a dent in the pain and allowed me to sleep.

‘Today, I am usually pain and symptom-free! Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) doesn’t hold me back.

‘If I have a flair-up, I continue running, continue yoga, and continue living my life, knowing that it will move on.

‘I no longer tiptoe through life.’