Back Pain - I’m finally in control

Photo of clouds depicts the relief from chronic back pain by using mind-body techniques developed by Dr. John Sarno.

‘My story is that I started having back pain in high school 20 years ago when playing basketball.

‘Usually I’d have a constant, but mild, pain in my lower back. Sometimes it would move to my hips, sometimes into my upper back, and occasionally down my sciatic nerve into my legs.

‘Dr. Sarno had seen over 10,000 back pain patients with a cure rate in the high 98% range for those who can accept his diagnosis that it’s very likely there’s nothing wrong with your back, but that there’s a mind-body process going on that’s creating pain - very real pain. This pain can be cured by simply understanding the mind-body process creating the pain.

‘For the first time since I was 17 I feel like I’m finally in control and will not be a crippled old man with a walker.’