Back Pain - Heal chronic health issues

Photo of clouds symbolizes the relief of back pain and chronic health issues through treatments pioneered by Dr. John Sarno.

‘Dr. Sarno described how people with Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) tended to have shifting pain that could manifest in different ways and move to other areas of the body.

‘This could include experiencing migraines, heartburn and other digestive issues, knee and shoulder pain, and so on. These were all things I had suffered from since I was a child, but none was occurring now that I had back pain.

‘People with Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) often experienced more severe pain under times of stress and that pain could diminish during less stressful times. This was certainly true for me.

‘Dr. Sarno outlined a series of personality characteristics that are consistent with people who suffer from Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). Not only do they tend to ignore their own emotional reactions, but they’re incredibly hard on themselves. They’re perfectionistic, highly driven, tend not to seek out help, etc. These personality characteristics fit me perfectly.

‘I decided that Dr. Sarno’s approach was worth a try, so I delayed back surgery, stopped physical therapy and seeing chiropractors, and began working on my emotions. I found a therapist who worked from a psychoanalytic approach designed to help uncover repressed emotions, and I began therapy. I also began engaging in more education, behavioral interventions and mindfulness.

‘Miraculously, after just a few weeks of practicing this integrative mind-body intervention, I was free of pain. Not only was I able to avoid back surgery, but I was able to heal a number of other chronic health issues with which I had suffered for years. To this day, my back remains pain-free, and I’m able to engage in physical activity without any restrictions.’