Why do some people continue to struggle to recover from stress-related illness?

Photo of clouds shows how gaining a deeper understating of underlying causes can dissipate stress-related illness.

Dr. David Clarke explains it is not uncommon for people to continue to suffer symptoms even after accepting the mind-body connection behind stress-related illness.

Often it means they simply have not found the underlying stresses or connected with the repressed emotions to the degree that is needed.

Many people with this form of illness were placed under stress or adversity at a very early age in their life and became very skilled at repressing those emotions.

Usually, the adversity was inflicted on them by people they still care about, which is still another reason why those emotions may be kept in the background. They may also want to reestablish a positive relationship with these people and to have those emotions come into conscious awareness might interfere with any hope for reconciliation.

Dr. Clarke says there are many good reasons to keep the emotions that are causing these problems in the background and why connecting with them is so difficult.

He recommends working with a therapist who is experienced in dealing with these issues.

There are also numerous books to read on this subject. If you have read one or two of them, reading a third or a fourth might give you insight that you have not had up to now.

Try different techniques to help you break through to a deeper understanding of the underlying causes.