Neck pain - Completely cured

Photo of clouds depicts the shifting and dispersal of chronic neck pain by using techniques pioneered by Dr. John Sarno.

‘I began having neck pain which soon spread to my arms and hands.

‘I was working long hours on a computer at the time and so was diagnosed with RSI. I spent over a year on many traditional and alternative treatments. These included physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Rolfing, Alexander Technique, and prolotherapy injections.

‘None of these had any significant or lasting effect. Tests revealed tendinitis, inflammation, and muscle spasm. I was unable to work, drive, or do everyday activities like tying my shoes.

‘I was told by doctors that no one ever recovers from a condition like mine and I should accept the fact that I would have a life of disability.

‘I had heard of Dr. John  Sarno’s books, but my reaction was very resistant at first. However, over time, I became desperate enough to give them a try.

‘I began to use the do-it-yourself program outlines in “The Mind Body Prescription.” I had a lot of improvement.

‘Within six weeks I was completely cured.’