Headache and Migraine Pain - Started doing all the things I’d been avoiding

Photo of clouds illustrates the dissipation of headache and migraine pain by using techniques developed by Dr. John Sarno.

‘I tried everything, exercise, yoga, foam-rolling. lacrosse ball work, standing desk, special glasses, improving posture, tracking my diet for potential triggers, etc.

‘Most of these things don’t work. Some, like yoga and lacrosse ball provide temporary relief, but my headaches kept getting worse.

‘I’m skeptical but I do the journal daily, reread Dr. John Sarno’s book a few more times, read the success stories every few days, and start doing all the things I’d been avoiding for fear of causing a headache.

‘I had maybe one headache that week, and then from that point forward, roughly one mild headache per month - the type that I could take two Advil for - or sleep and it would go away. Not the debilitating ones I’d had in the past.’