Chronic Pain - I’ve gained my life back

Photo of clouds illustrates the relief from chronic pains through mind-body treatments advanced by Dr. John Sarno.

‘Many cases of muscle-skeletal pain aren’t due to structural damage but to unacknowledged emotions, and perhaps trauma, hidden in the body by the unconscious mind to divert the conscious mind’s attention and protect the self from psychological distress.

‘Although I have been dealing with chronic lower back and leg pain for over a year, I wasn’t ready to believe this. But I was so desperate because nothing I had used before (anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy, chiropractic care, CBD oil, hemp oil, etc) had abated the pain.

‘I gave the principles a try. Within three days, I was able to reduce my pain by 90%. In the last 2 days, after working on identifying the emotional underpinnings of my chronic condition, I’ve been pain-free most of the day, with only slight discomfort at the end of the day. This is after doing all the activities that would normally put me in a state of agony, and without taking a single pain killer, anti-inflammatory or a product like CBD oil.

‘This is the longest period of wellbeing I have experienced in over a year. I feel I’m out of the grip of chronic pain. I’ve gained my life back.’